Ayam Jantan


    Cast Bronze, 162 x 216 x 60 cm, Edition of 3 + 2 Artist Proofs



    Cast Bronze, 64 x 20 x 34 cm, Edition 2 of 3 and 2 Artist Proofs



    Cast bronze, 64 x 20 x 34 cm



    Acrylic on Paper, 145 x 92 x 5 cm (unframed), 159 x 106 x 7 cm (framed)



    Acrylic on Paper, 145 x 92 x 5 cm (unframed), 159 x 106 x 7 cm (framed)



    Bronze, 172 x 122 x 35 cm, Edition of 3 + 2 AP



    Bronze, 153 x 144 x 15 cm, Edition 1 of 3 + 2 AP



    Acrylic on Canvas, 100 x 100 x 5 cm



    Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 70 x 3 cm

    Bunga Kuning


    Mixed Media on Paper, 218 x 196 x 11 cm

    Paku Hitam


    Acrylic on Canvas, 207 x 207 x 7 cm

    Artist Bio

    (b. 1971, Talawi, West Sumatra, Indonesia)

    An influential figure in the burgeoning Indonesian art scene, Yunizar has garnered critical acclaim on an international level. Known for negating aesthetic orthodoxies, the Jendela Group artist creates work that liberates imagination and genuine expression. He rejects the functional and rational, choosing instead to follow his primal inclinations. To him, it is not about the veracity or formal structure of things that engage the mind. Alternatively, he believes that human nature reveals itself more through organic instinct, as well as personal, rather than institutional, ideas of beauty. This view results in an extraordinarily sophisticated and playful style that manifests in a primordial, earthy aesthetic.

    Yunizar’s work brings to mind images of childlike doodles and scribbles. Using thick, uneven lines in a subtle palette of mainly yellows, browns and greens, he further suggests the impression of cave paintings which signal to a time before humanity became preoccupied with organised civilisation. These doodles of both recognisable animals and imaginary creatures then generate a limitless world of whimsical rhythm. The simplicity of forms reflects his finding of beauty in conventionally trivial, mundane and useless thoughts.

    Heavily influenced by the Minangkabau culture, Yunizar also taps into the poetic stories of oral traditions. Through the incomprehensible scribbling of sinuous alphabets, he references the organic flow of words that travel through people in the oration of village narratives. The way oral traditions work, in that they change over time and place, echoes in Yunizar’s work. As viewers, we fail to find a structure; we fail to ‘read’ the story because it is always changing. He then encourages us to rediscover our child-like self and find our own narratives within this rich realm of images and lines.

    A graduate from the Indonesian Institute for the Arts (ISI) in Yogyakarta, Yunizar is a prominent member of the Jendela group, Indonesia’s most prominent contemporary art collective. 2007 marked Yunizar’s first solo museum exhibition at the National University of Singapore Museum (NUS), Singapore. He has also been awarded Best Painting by the Peksiminas III Exhibition (1995) and received Best Painting from the Philip Morris Award V (1998).

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