Curator and art critic Aminudin T.H. Siregar observes that  Yunizar paints without determining ratio, using his dominant force of intuition. Additionally, the artist does not pre-designate the subject matter he is about to pour onto the canvas before him and does not start his painting with a clear concept in his head. Rather, he is driven by “the scribble of emotions, the play of aesthetics, something, letters, etc”, choosing a more abstract, intuitive, and impulsive world for his canvas.

Instead of trying to re-present the world and the living, Yunizar lets himself be emotionally lost in them. His stance on the world and life around him is not an academic or conceptual one. Rather, he prioritizes and attends to what he calls “rasa”, which in English could be best translated as the sum of sense, feeling, taste, flavor, sensation, and more. Yunizar faces life in a perceptual way, with emotion and intuition, and draws his energy to paint from within this stance.