Poseā€¦ , dated 2014, is a life-size standing figure that holds itself upright, rising firmly and resolutely from rectangular bases raised slightly from the ground. We note affinities with sculptures produced earlier in his career. In this work we encounter double-faced or double-bodied representations in full-length, frontal views joined one to another, back-to-back. Their formal, expressive and symbolic tenor is defined by their two-sidedness.

Arms are held akimbo, facial features are amplified and loom prominently into view; bodies are inscribed with signs, shapes, motifs, figures, numbers, alphabets, words signaling cryptic affiliations, and messages tinged with humor.

The surfaces of the figures are leveled; they are treated analogously to canvases stretched and readied for painting, bearing a great variety of marks. They bear familial identities in that marks seen on sculpted surfaces are frequently encountered in his pictures. These are numerous, to extents it is not possible to settle on a single, coherent apprehension of the figure; it does not yield reliable or integral comprehension as our attention is dispersed and scattered as we pore over the myriad motifs and inscriptions tattooed on the body of the sculpture.