For over a decade, Yunizar formed his artistic practice mainly through painting, creating poetic canvases filled with raw, expressive forms that drew from his everyday surroundings and rich imagination. Yet, in 2012, his practice expanded to three-dimensional forms, transforming the whimsical figures and creatures that permeated his canvases into arresting bronze sculptures.

Flowers and trees have been recurring motifs in Yunizar’s work. He has devoted his artistic explorations to a search for simplicity of expression. In his words, it is the ‘struggle and exertion for excellence’ that moves him, rather than technical perfection and beauty. In Bonsai, Yunizar creates a smaller version of an earlier work entitled Tree, which depicted a potted flowering tree painted in bright red. Instead of flowers, sticking out from the branches in Bonsai are rounded foliage, which are each uniquely engraved with dots and thin small lines – intricate details that juxtapose the plant’s thick, bold structure, and reveal Yunizar’s ability to imbue ordinary, natural objects with wonder.