Yunizar: Perspektif Baru


Year: 2023

Text Editor: T. K. Sabapathy

Written by: Jasdeep Sandhu, Aminudin T. H. Siregar, T. K. Sabapathy, Katherine Bruhn, and Ahmad Mashadi

Translated by: Kadek Krishna Adidharma, Liza Markus, Abdullah Rumbawa, Ario Tamat, and Dian Ina Mahendra

Published by: Gajah Gallery

Size (H x L x W): 31 x 25.6 x 3.5 cm

Number of pages (excluding the front and back cover): 324

ISBN: 978-981-18-9026-0


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Edited by the distinguished historian T.K. Sabapathy, Yunizar: Perspective Baru brings together the writings by several renowned scholars: T.K. Sabapathy, Aminudin T.H. Siregar, Ahmad Mashadi, and Katherine Bruhn.

This seminal book is a rigorous examination of the deeper and broader implications of Yunizar’s work: Aminudin T.H. Siregar contextualises Yunizar within the pioneering art collective KSR Jendela, tracing his connections with its members whose rich synergies buttressed his confidence as a young artist. He highlights nuances in Yunizar’s evolution over the years, and situates his oeuvre within the broader contexts of Indonesian art history. Katherine Bruhn’s interview with Yunizar, recalling his childhood in Tawali, West Sumatra, offers a particularly revealing account of his youth and how he emerged as an artist from his unique artistic heritage in West Sumatra.

Spotlighting a vital moment in his career, T.K. Sabapathy traces the artist’s unexpected, yet steady expansion into three-dimensional art practice—unpacking the fluid impact of his paintings which dominates his oeuvre on producing sculptural forms and compositions, and analyzing his distinct figural sculptures. Finally, Ahmad Mashadi presents a fascinating historiographical account of debates surrounding KSR Jendela’s significance—ultimately launching a critical discussion on how the emergence of the group opens up dynamic entry points into deeper understandings of Indonesian modern and contemporary art.

The book ultimately marks 15 years’ worth of critical and institutional acclaim for Yunizar, both within Southeast Asia and across the globe. Yunizar: Perspective Baru initially launched in 2022 under the title Yunizar: New Perspectives, marking a significant milestone in the art world’s appreciation of Yunizar’s remarkable body of work.


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