Celebrating milestones from Gajah Gallery’s history and relationship with Indonesian art.

    After the success of Gajah Gallery Singapore’s TWENTYFIVE show celebrating the Gallery’s 25th Anniversary, we are proud to celebrate the Gallery’s journey in the Indonesian art scene through the second iteration of TWENTYFIVE—this time, in our Yogyakarta space. Featuring established and budding artists that have worked with the Gallery since its inception, this show exhibits the close relationship and support for the local art scene that Gajah has nurtured over the last quarter-century.

    In 2012, the Gallery saw the crucial need and opportunity to establish an arts production house in Yogyakarta, which has since expanded to a thriving foundry. Founded by Gajah’s Director Jasdeep Sandhu and contemporary artist Yunizar, YAL continues to become the hub for exchange between local and international artists, whose works transcend traditional conformist art forms. The space has hosted international exhibitions such as SUPER/NATURAL in 2017, Diverting Politics of (Re)Presentation in 2019, as well as solo shows of major Indonesian artists such as Semsar Siahaan and I GAK Murniasih. With the gallery existing in close proximity to the heart of the art scene meant each artist was inspiring another and inciting a sense of adventure in artistic practices. This allowed the success of Gajah Gallery in shattering the ceiling of orthodox artistic practices both individual and collective.

    The Gallery continues to support the art scene in the city and country, launching three major publications that involve significant figures in contemporary Indonesian art: a monograph for the artist Yunizar, with contributions by T.K. Sabapathy, Ahmad Mashadi, Aminudin Siregar and Katherine Bruhn; a comprehensive publication on I GAK Murniasih, with writings by Wulan Dirigantoro and Astri Wright; and Santiniketan, which situates Indonesian artists within a larger pan-Asian context.

    In TWENTYFIVE Yogyakarta, Gajah Gallery celebrates milestones from its special history and relationship with artists in Indonesia. The exhibition opens to the public by appointment on 7 August and runs until the 7 September 2021.

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