Gajah Gallery proudly presents a major cross-generational group exhibition featuring the works of 20 artists from across Southeast Asia. The exhibition titled ‘GENSET’, the abbreviation for ‘generator set’ which converts power into energy, casts light on new trajectories in Southeast Asian art, and the relationships between mentor and mentee artists, resulting in the exchange of knowledge and the expansion of practice.

    From the Latin generare or generat, meaning create or created, the exhibition’s concept relates and reverbs in all artists – to produce; to perform; to bring about; to originate; to make what has not been done before. Throughout history, art has always taken part in discussions of social, political and ecological issues, highlighting its power to move hearts, and rouse to action. GENSET aims to rediscover what sparks artists and their desire to create, and how one’s art can resonate with and continue to inspire future generations.

    Looking ahead, with the start of the New Year, it provides the ideal setting in sparking discussion on contemporary inspiration and the evolution of practice – asking the question: How are artists from Southeast Asia inspired, and how do they inspire in turn?

    (In sparking the flame, generator relied upon in times of need. The New Year, brings about new challenges, how these artists find inspiration and bring us to new trajectories/new paths. Power in times of need. New paths future. Generator as backup when all else fails

    Navigating the exhibition, one can form connections between each artist’s work, yet see how each has evolved and carved their own path, creating their own personal styles. From Malaysian artists Sabri Idrus and Kayleigh Goh’s experiments with industrial materials and tactility, to uniquely distinct depictions of the West Sumatran landscape by Jendela Art Group founders Yunizar and Rudi Mantofani – GENSET brings together multiple generations of artists from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, that have influenced each other through their art, and strived forward onto a path of their own, in one remarkable must-see exhibition.


    Ashley Bickerton (USA/Indonesia)

    Choong Kam Kow (Malaysia)

    Erizal As (Indonesia)

    Fadilah Karim (Malaysia)

    Hamir Soib (Malaysia)

    Handiwirman Saputra (Indonesia)

    Izat Arif (Malaysia)

    Jai Abu Hassan (Malaysia)

    Jason Lim (Singapore)

    Jigger Cruz (Philippines)

    Kayleigh Goh (Malaysia)

    Khairulddin Wahab (Singapore)

    Kuat Zhi Hooi (Malaysia)

    Rudi Mantofani (Indonesia)

    Sabri Idrus (Malaysia)

    Samsudin Wahab (Malaysia)

    Semsar Siahaan (Indonesia)

    Sulaiman Esa (Malaysia)

    Suzann Victor (Singapore)

    Yunizar (Indonesia)

    Zul Lee (Malaysia)

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