Suzann Victor





    Oil on Linen, 189 x 153 x 4 cm



    Crush Stained Glass

    See Like A Heretic


    Crushed Stained Glass, Lens, Steel and Dome, 100 x 110 x 28 cm (sculpture), 509 x 509 x 336 cm (dome)

    Rising Moon


    Lens, Nuts, and Bolts, 300 x 300 cm

    Unequal Innocence


    Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylic Strip, and Lenses, 127.5 x 127.5 x15 cm

    Love Is Meek


    Crushed Stained Glass, 37 x 23 x 26cm

    Sacred Heart


    Crushed Stained Glass, 16 x 14 x 15 cm

    Gold Wing II


    Crushed Stained Glass, 55 x 32 x 13 cm

    The Cross


    Crushed Stained Glass, 185 x 145 x 45 cm



    Crushed Stained Glass, 180 x 80 x 80 cm (with base: 180 x 110 x 100 cm)

    Artist Bio

    (b. 1959, Singapore)

    Suzann Victor is a Singapore born artist based in Sydney. Known for her monumental public artworks and context-based installations, she merges everyday architecture with both socio-political and scientific theory. The inventiveness of her work lies in her ability to articulate complex ideas in neat, grandeur forms, which often incorporate kinetic mechanism and technology. Dealing with relevant social subjects such as post-colonialism, the family unit and ownership, Victor’s appropriately large-scale works pull the viewer into their world. They force one to acknowledge their presence and to see themselves not as an outsider, but rather as an inescapable participant of the work itself.

    Through dramatic devices, kinetic mechanisms and performance installations, Victor is one of the few artists that skillfully incorporates both mathematical precision and organic freedom in her works. To her, the distinction between science and arts is not clear. Instead, the available materials and techniques in the world simply allow for a multitude of artistic possibilities.

    Victor graduated with a B.A. Hons. (First Class), an M.A (Hons) and a Doctorate at the University of Western Sydney in 2008, after gaining an Associate Diploma of Fine Arts from the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore. In 2001, Suzann Victor was selected amongst other 4 Singaporean artists to participate in the 49th Venice Biennale, Singapore’s first participation in the world’s most renowned biennale and becoming the first woman artist to represent Singapore in this event. In 2009, Victor was also awarded the prestigious New York-based Civitella Ranieri Foundation fellowship following the completion of her doctorate on an Australian Postgraduate Award at the University of Western Sydney.

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