Jason Lim



Brief Rest


Earthenware sawdust firing 900°C, metal stick, 68 x 102 x 40 cm

Nesting Vines


Graphite, ink, charcoal, and pastel on paper, 53 x 37.5 cm



Graphite, ink, charcoal, and pastel on paper, 53 x 37.5 cm

Artist Bio

(b. 1966, Singapore)

Regarded as Singapore’s next master ceramist, Jason Lim’s artistic growth over the past decade has been remarkable. Also a performance artist, Jason combines skilled craftsmanship in sculpting with influences from performance art. The result is ceramic pieces that go beyond being mere objects of beauty, to subjects that provoke thought and interaction with the viewer.

Jason’s ceramics transcend the tradition of functionality. Almost sculptural instead, his works take on strikingly organic forms – an asymmetrical plate, a sealed vessel, or a perforated bottle. Deliciously earthy yet fragile, the duality in his works prompts one to ponder over the creation process, while their asymmetry provokes a rethinking of balance and symmetry. Unpretentious in nature, Jason’s ceramics exude a beautiful stark rawness that reflects the artist’s skill and energy.

Jason’s first show was in Canterbury, England in 1992.  He has since exhibited across the globe in Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, and the Netherlands. Jason Lim was also part of the Singapore Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2007.

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