July 19, 2019 – August 4, 2019

    Gajah Gallery


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    Gajah Gallery proudly presents Contemplate, a solo exhibition by renowned Singaporean ceramist and performance artist Jason Lim. With a repertoire of works encompassing ceramics, photography, video art, installation and performance, Jason has been featured in numerous solo and group shows across Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

    Jason returns to Gajah with a new series of ceramic experimentations that take us back to small, chance found items – tree branches, rocks and stones the mundane things around us that in his world, vibrate with life. Whilst nature is often described as teeming with life, these trivial items, are often relegated to insignificance, and considered separately, seen as inanimate.

    In his latest solo exhibition, Jason demonstrates his skill in utilizing a diverse array of materials such as clay, stainless steel, and asphalt to give life to these strangely shaped objects, featuring pores, holes and oddly molded forms. To him, rocks and stones carry the ideas of stability, permanence and eternity with rock formations symbolizing the passage of time, a record of history. The sculptures produced for the show attempt to convey this idea of beauty in the wear of daily use, an allure that comes with age.

    Moving between the material and spiritual realms, rocks have often been seen as items of wonder, symbolism and mysticism. For Jason, exploring creativity is akin to transmutation, a process of alchemy art as magic. The marks of his hands are everywhere to be seen, a constant reminder of the artist’s direct involvement. With no preconceived ideas or sketches, he explores the possibilities inherent in the materials, searching for new shapes, forms and interactions.

    Creating sculptures which look like and function as landscapes, Jason reminds us of the richness found in nature, evoking wonderment, reflection and contemplation. He encourages us to appreciate the everyday things we take for granted – the rocks and stones, the silent supporters in our lives.

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