Monumenta: In Lightness


    Gajah Gallery proudly presents MONUMENTA: In Lightness, a group exhibition featuring paintings, sculptures and installations of a monumental scale, created by fourteen artists from across Southeast Asia.

    How do artists express light? How does light and life engage and evolve through art? This exhibition addresses fractures, challenges, and enchantments enkindled in our present time. Featuring exceptionally large-scale works which explore how light engages with life through vision, nature, lifestyle and community – In Lightness presents an image of how light transcends time and transforms perspectives.

    Serving as a platform to express the possibilities of illumination, this exhibition brings together immense and expansive works from a diverse selection of artists with varied perspectives and interpretations. Coming from extensive disciplines, the works created for this show aim to capture a perception of the natural, the urban and the present; to rediscover the roots of illumination and ask one lingering question: from where does light come to Southeast Asia?

    MONUMENTA: In Lightness contemplates on the origins and expressions of life as captured through the lens and understanding of Southeast Asian visual artists. It is an inquiry into reflections emerging in contemporary society revealing the significance of luminescence in daily life.

    When there is light, there is life; and life captured in art.

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