Singapore Contemporary


    August 13, 2023 – September 10, 2023

    Gajah Gallery Jakarta

    Gajah Gallery Jakarta is proud to announce the highly anticipated exhibition Singapore Contemporary, which spotlights a curated selection of contemporary artists from Singapore. Supported by the Singapore National Arts Council, the exhibition marks the first-ever Singapore-focused showcase of this scale in Jakarta. From 13th to 27th August 2023, this showcase offers a captivating snapshot for the local audience to experience the diverse and ever-evolving Singapore contemporary art scene.

    Singapore and Indonesia’s art and cultural fabric have always been intertwined and entangled with each other; a case in point is the famous Bali field trip of Cheong Soo Pieng and Liu Kang, which was formative to the Nanyang Style. A prominent figure such as Lee Man Fong has brought pride to both Singaporeans and Indonesians. While the names mentioned above are from the modern era of art, the nations’ artistic relationship undoubtedly continues to the present. For some of the artists in this exhibition such as Donna Ong, Jason Lim, Jane Lee, Mahalakshmi Kanappan, and Suzann Victor, this is not their first presentation in Indonesia. In the same spirit, Gajah Gallery started its journey in Singapore, yet is always in constant connection with art in Indonesia, acting as a bridge to both nations’ art markets. This time, the gallery strives to more deeply introduce Singaporean art to the Indonesian public.

    Singapore Contemporary is a compelling survey of the dynamic art scene that has emerged in Singapore in recent years. This exhibition brings together a diverse group of artists, each at different stages of their careers and working across a wide range of artistic mediums, from paint, charcoal, to ceramic. Through its careful curation, they collectively define contemporaneity in the Singapore art landscape, transcending beyond the simplistic notion of “art being made today” and instead delving into the unifying qualities and distinct characteristics that define the era. By examining the different ways these artists approach their craft and the varied thematic interests expressed through their works, the exhibition reveals a remarkable ‘Singaporean spirit’ that binds them together.

    Through the keen curation of John Tung, featured artists Ang Song Nian, Donna Ong, Jane Lee, Jason Lim, Mahalakshmi Kannappan, Mary Bernadette Lee, Melissa Tan, Robert Zhao Renhui, Sebastian Mary Tay, Susie Lingham, Suzann Victor, Yeo Siew Hua, and Zulkhairi Zulkiflee embrace a myriad of artistic visions, compelling audiences to explore the realms of emotions, identity, culture, and societal perspectives on the multifaceted nature of Singaporean art today. Through their creative endeavours, the exhibition promises to engage and captivate visitors with its thought-provoking pieces and profound storytelling that will spark conversation and challenge perceptions.

    Discover the stories behind each artwork in the exhibition through a series of insightful videos here.

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