Puncak Angan (Dream’s Summit)
Oil on Canvas, 161.5 x 112 x 8.5 cm

Perhaps in line with his themes of authenticity and truthfulness,  Erizal never sketches before he paints. Instead, he employs automatic and spontaneous action to render his image. Tapping into his instincts while forgoing the need for a blueprint, he arguably reveals the most authentic and raw side of his artistic practice.

Energi Gerak Alam (Nature’s Kinetic Energy)
Oil on Canvas with Custom Brass Frame, 180 x 152 x 7 cm

I purposely give meaning and place significance onto the body of paint that spills over the border of canvas. I manipulate the paint into something that is defiant, an entity that has its own will. This works in contrast to the frame around it as a metaphor for the boundaries, rules, and laws that bound us all against our will.

Erizal as