Fresh Vision: Rejuvenating Hope


    October 16, 2020 – November 16, 2020

    Digital Exhibition

    Gajah Gallery is pleased to present the third iteration of our online feature – Fresh Vision, where esteemed names at the forefront of their respective fields (from architecture, to stage and the culinary arts) are invited to curate a focused digital exhibition. Alongside this we present an in-depth interview, revealing the stories of how they began their collections, their personal artistic tastes and their inspirations.

    For the third edition, we feature Jakarta-based celebrity chef and restaurateur, Adhika Maxi. Maxi is known for his extraordinary cuisine, playfully juxtapositioning local and western ingredients and techniques Since 2010, Adhika Maxi, alongside award winning pastry chef Karen Carlotta, has provided private dining services to the Jakarta’s top-tier entrepreneurs, celebrities, socialites, and passionate foodies through AMKC Private Dining. His latest project in 2016, AMKC ATELIER, reflects an utmost attention to boutique dining.

    “Even only for a while, looking at art or eating delicious food, drinking tasty pinot or aromatic sake can make you forget the uncertainty and definitely take the edge off. It keeps us staying sane and rejuvenates hope for a better future.”

    Titled Rejuvenating Hope, Maxi has chosen to showcase works by Erizal AsMangu Putra, and Yunizar – Indonesian artists whose works he finds strikingly and unapologetically tell us who the artists are. Like these works, Maxi holds no reservations – bold and direct as he speaks of the tastes and flavors of the dishes and artworks he finds himself drawn to, and his journey from private chef to art connoisseur.

    They say ‘cooking is an art’ , and for Maxi, art is a large inspiration for the dishes he creates, as he states “I think someone who loves art loves to eat well”. For him, food and art go hand in hand – a dinner with friends, or a visit to a gallery – bring forward positive feelings of a better time, where even if only for a while, allows us to forget about the turmoil of the present and rejuvenate hope for a brighter future.

    View the online exhibition here.

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