200 X 200 CM

The theme for this curated showcase is Colors of the Heart.  The heart does not lie and it expresses so many emotions, the works of Erizal and Ibrahim does that. It showcases emotions that tugs the heart and speaks in so many levels, which makes this curated showcase something to watch out for.


I was drawn to his attention to detail and the colors he used in creating his pieces.

It intrigued me.

When I look at the works of Ibrahim, I immediately feel something about it, his use of colors and the way he puts it all together, it is like a beautiful song that continues to play over and over again tugging at one’s heart.

His method of painting is what drew me to his works.

He allows his emotions to articulate what he is feeling inside to create one outstanding piece after another.

It is the same principle I use when I look at paintings.
I feel what I see in his masterpieces.

I believe it is important to highlight the works of Erizal and Ibrahim at this time because their creations bring a positive light in our world today.  This global pandemic causes so much anxiety and stress and seeing their works takes all that away. I find art therapeutic and what better way to add beauty and color into one’s life than by basking in the splendor of their masterpieces.