October 19, 2013 – November 3, 2013



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    Gajah Gallery is proud to present Singaporean artist, Jason Lim (b.1966), latest solo exhibition entitled Bukit Musings. The exhibition, curated by Daniela Beltrani, will run from 19 Oct – 3 Nov 2013. Considered as one of Singapore’s top ceramist, Lim will be exhibiting a wide range of sculptures ranging from terracotta to porcelain.

    In May 2012, Lim attended a ceramics residency at FuPing Pottery Art Village, near Xi’An, China. During that time, Lim uncovered diverse and novel possibilities within the prolific theme of Chinese landscape of millenarian tradition he became seduced by. The results were astounding, even in their diversity.

    Departing from the evident and diverse accomplishments of the residency – which it was impossible to exhibit outside of China as the works belong to FuPing’s permanent museum collection, F.L.I.C.A.M. – Beltrani was keen for the artist to test himself again with the same theme, but in a less favorable and more quotidian setting, so as to uncover the different potentialities of his familiar grounds and his creative responses to them.

    In the habitual setting of his own country, with full awareness of the extent within which Lim could move, it became clear from the start that the technical aspects of the realization of his ideas would determine the sites of his art-making process. A quick glance at the artist collection, mostly kept in his studio at the Goodman Arts Centre, confirms that Lim often sources inspiration for his works from nature. But with the theme of landscape, Lim had taken wholly different paths and developed it in extremely diverse ways, bringing his aptitude as flâneur and selected experiences of his past practice, to the foreground to serve him in this new and challenging endeavor. Here, Lim seems to have shifted from the often solitary essential component, whereas endlessly replicated or exaggeratedly enlarged or dramatically microscopic, to a larger and more encompassing composition, fluctuating from the essential to the more literal.

    The outcome is composed of three separate yet complementing series: Glazed from his Goodman Arts Centre permanent studio, Assembled from his home space and Unglazedfrom his ad hoc Jalan Bahar open studio space.

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