Bantul Art Summit


    Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Gajah Gallery is proud to present Bantul Art Summit in its inaugural year, from 27th May to 27th June, 2016 at Gajah Gallery Yogya. The month-long exhibition will showcase a group of the region’s most celebrated artists, whose magnificent works redefine the boundaries of contemporary art.

    Curated by the Singaporean branch of the gallery, Bantul Art Summit presents a thoughtfully arranged selection of intimate portraits and complex narratives in sculptures and paintings.

    In collaboration with the Jendela Collective, Studio 211, and Sangkring Art Space, Gajah Gallery Yogya presents the following artists:

    Abdi Setiawan | Ashley Bickerton |

    Kumari Nahappan | Li Jin |

    Mangu Putra | Rudi Hendriatno |

    Sabri Idrus | Suzann Victor |

    Putu Sutawijaya | Rudi Hendriatno |

    Wei Ligang | Yunizar |

    Hailing from various cities and countries around the greater Asia Pacific region, these featured artists share common ground in creating work “on their own terms” – independent of aesthetic, social or political trends. Bantul Art Summit offers an alternative to the formalized art culture permeating the region, while inviting critical discourse within a respected establishment, and providing a more organic approach to viewing and appreciating art. The show emulates the philosophies of its artists: emphasizing process-driven work and asserting individuality outside of conventional institutions.

    The exhibition will establish a meeting ground for the international art world and the local art community in Yogya, engaging and strengthening ties between artists, collectors and curators.

    Bantul is a small area within Yogyakarta, well known for its rich artistic heritage.

    Adjacent to the Gallery is Yogya Art Lab (YAL), where some of South East Asia’s finest sculptural work is produced in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists and local artisans. For the past five years, Gajah Gallery has remained deeply committed to fostering growth in the regional art scene by investing in the processes and materials behind production at YAL. Drawing from a wealth of traditional methods and trained in the most advanced contemporary techniques, the artisans at YAL create museum-quality work which is featured internationally in exhibition and private collections. 

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