Art Fair

Art Stage Singapore 2017


    January 12, 2017 – January 15, 2017

    Marina Bay Convention Centre

    Gajah Gallery is proud to announce its 7th consecutive participation in Art Stage Singapore, featuring prominent contemporary artists: Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Ashley Bickerton, Gu Gan, Jason Lim, Kumari Nahappan, Li Jin, Mangu Putra, Rudi Mantofani, Sabri Idrus, Wei Ligang, and Yunizar.

    Ahmad Zakii Anwar (Malaysia) is heralded as a groundbreaking artist known for his intensely charged, hyper graphic portraits that combine powerful forms with an introspective gaze. A skilled painter and photographer, Zakii will debut a new limited edition print at Art Stage 2017.

    Ashley Bickerton (United States) is among the most well-known expatriate artists, residing in Bali for almost 25 years. His work forms a unique commentary on the conflicting utopian-dystopian narratives that surround contemporary culture, reflecting not just on Bali but on the current state of the world. He will present 2 new paintings for Art Stage 2017.

    Gu Gan (China)is a pioneer of modern Chinese calligraphy who draws inspiration from Western art, poetry and philosophy. He unites abstract painting with pictographic traditional Chinese characters, acknowledging past and present.

    Jason Lim (Singapore) will present the culmination of his residency at Yogya Art Lab, marking his first venture into bronze sculpture. ’Sketches for Under Shadow of the Banyan Tree’ reveals the intricate roots of Banyan trees, delicately interweaved and fused together. Jason Lim will debut 2 new sculptures at Art Stage 2017.

    Kumari Nahappan (Singapore) is widely recognized for her iconic series of red capsicum and chili pepper sculptures, which feature in public collections across Singapore, Malaysia and China. In her latest series, Kumari heightens the senses in a surreal exploration of another familiar shape: the bean sprout. Her new sculpture was created at Yogya Art Lab, and will debut at Art Stage 2017.

    Li Jin (China) is one of China’s foremost contemporary artists, known for his lighthearted approach to the otherwise solemn field of Chinese ink painting. The characters that appear in his paintings are drawn from his daily life, and his travels through China and Southeast Asia.

    Mangu Putra (Indonesia) recently completed a historically significant set of paintings for his solo exhibition, ‘Between History and the Quotidian’, which will be on display at Gajah Gallery Singapore (Tanjong Pagar) during the course of the exhibition. One of these paintings, depicting a Balinese tradition enacted during the Dutch Occupation, will feature at Art Stage 2017.

    Sabri Idrus (Malaysia) creates visually arresting abstract paintings that stand as physical statements on the intangible elements of time, space, energy and endurance. In a durational process that involves extensive layering, scratching, sanding, and Sabri manipulates the paint on his canvas. He presents a triptych and two new paintings for the opening of Art Stage 2017.

    Wei Ligang (China) is Considered one of the masters of modern Chinese calligraphy,. He Ligang paints ink renderings of Chinese characters that often morph into abstraction. Wei uses the impulsive gestures of expressionism—in ink that ranges in density from solid black to pale gray—but his characters remain rooted in the square structures that form the basis of calligraphy.

    Yunizar (Indonesia) consistently enchants crowds in art fairs and exhibitions internationally, using a combination of primitive markings and elementary forms to create a universal visual language in his art, which encompasses paintings and sculptures of various sizes. He will debut three new paintings for Art Stage, in addition to a fantastic new sculpture named ‘Fisherman’, freshly produced at Yogya Art Lab.

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