Art Fair

Art Expo Malaysia 2019


    October 11, 2019 – October 13, 2019

    MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur

    Gajah Gallery is proud to participate in Art Expo Malaysia – one of the longest running international art fairs in Southeast Asia. The fair runs from 11 – 13 October 2019 at the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. For its 2019 edition, Gajah Gallery will showcase an incredible selection of works by several of the most promising and established artists from Indonesia and Malaysia.

    In Malaysia, the Gallery will feature new paintings by rising Indonesian abstract artist, Erizal As. Following the success of his solo exhibition in Yogyakarta, and currently on view in Singapore, these works explore the themes of extinction, corruption and the loss of identity.

    Alongside this, Gajah will exhibit works by the Indonesian art icons Semsar Siahaan and I Made Djirna. With their keen perception of the world around them translated into art, their works reflect important social and cultural concerns of their times.

    Showing with the Gallery at Art Expo are three young, promising Malaysian artists: Kara Inez, Kuat Zhi Hooi and Kayleigh Goh. Kayleigh works with the unique mediums of cement and wood, creating metaphysical spaces for healing and rest. Whilst Kara and Kuat create sculptural works to explore issues personal to them – for Kara, the female body and mental health; for Kuat, ethnicity and the role of language.

    Also exhibiting with Gajah are Indonesian artists, Dini Nur Aghnia, Ibrahim and Yunizar.

    Dini sculpts painted clay into discs on canvas, creating brightly coloured landscapes. Ibrahim is an abstract expressionist, his works resonate with specific feelings and emotions. Similarly, Yunizar presents works with a creative, free expression, through a universal visual language of elementary forms.

    As one of the paragon dealer of Southeast Asian art, Gajah Gallery brings together a remarkable line-up of contemporary artists from the region: Dini Nur Aghnia (Indonesia), Erizal As (Indonesia), I Made Djirna (Indonesia), Ibrahim (Indonesia), Kara Inez (Malaysia), Kayleigh Goh (Malaysia), Kuat Zhi Hooi (Malaysia), Sabri Idrus (Malaysia), Semsar Siahaan (Malaysia) and Yunizar (Indonesia).


    Dini Nur Aghnia is a visual artist at the Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, who works with the unique medium of clay on canvas. She sculpts painted clay into discs and positions them on canvas so as to create the images she envisions. Her brightly-coloured depictions of the Indonesian landscape highlight the small victories we should be grateful for each passing day.

    Erizal As is one of the fastest emerging artists in Indonesian contemporary art, drawing the attention of regional and international collectors. His latest exhibition ‘Formless Existence’ poses a shift in the artist’s perspective, portraying the defiance of paint when seen through the lens of visual aesthetics, a metaphorical manifestation of his personal views about governance and righteousness.

    I Made Djirna is a renowned Balinese artist whose paintings mirror his feelings and observations of the surrounding world. Enchanted by illustrations of Balinese myths, his works reflect on social and cultural concerns through a unique lens, a critique which continues to inspire future generations.

    Ibrahim is an Indonesian abstract expressionist, whose practice is founded on an acute awareness of feelings and emotions. His method of painting showcases an exploration of humanity’s inner turbulence – where soul meets desire.

    Kara Inez is a young Malaysian artist who draws from her personal experiences to explore issues surrounding the female body and mental health through the mediums of performance art and sculpture. Utilizing abject materials such as hair and skin, her works invoke the feeling of disgust as a means to challenge the social constructs set in place surrounding these suppressed topics.

    Kayleigh Goh is a Malaysian artist who recently held her first solo exhibition in Singapore. Working predominately with the mediums of cement and wood, Kayleigh creates metaphysical spaces that offer us a temporary escape from the bustle of everyday life. Her works embrace the city as a space for healing, moving the viewer to contemplate on the ideas of home and rest.

    Kuat Zhi Hooi is a Malaysian artist who focuses on exploring the role of language as well as calligraphy and its multiple values in society. His artistic practice connects his comprehension of identity, nationality and ethnicity, while at the same time, re-assessing the self in relation to a culturally diverse surrounding.

    Sabri Idrus is a renowned Malaysian abstract artist well-known for his experimental approach in combining painting, graphic design and industrial materials. His practice revolves around working with surface, creating sensual textures through a meticulous process of layering.

    Semsar Siahaan was a seminal artist of the progressive movement in Indonesia. A fervent humanitarian activist, he fought courageously during a time of vast changes to Indonesia’s political landscape, which is reflected in his body of work. His keen and incisive social commentary through his art was an integral part of the anti-dictatorship and pro-people movements, dealing with important issues on justice and human rights.

    Yunizar continually proves his massive appeal to international audiences, enchanting collectors and curators all over the world, his work being collected by various major public and private collections, including the Long Museum, China. His work reflects an ideal of imaginative and authentic expression, using a combination of primitive markings and elementary forms to create a universal visual language.

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