Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017


    March 23, 2017 – March 25, 2017

    Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
    Hong Kong SAR China

    Gajah Gallery is proud to announce its participation in the 5th edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, featuring the latest works from prominent contemporary artists: Ahmad Zakii Anwar, Ashley Bickerton, Erizal As, Kumari Nahappan, Li Jin, Mangu Putra, Ng Joon Kiat, Rudi Mantofani, Sabri Idrus, Suzann Victor, Wei Ligang and Yunizar.

    In Hong Kong this March, Gajah Gallery will present a varied selection of paintings and sculptures created for the collectors at Asia’s premier art event.

    Ahmad Zakii Anwar (Malaysia) is known for his virtuosity and command of a spectrum of media from charcoals to oils, building a reputation for stunning photo-realist paintings and drawings. He will present two visceral charcoal works that study the human figure.

    Ashley Bickerton (United States) is among the most well-known expatriate artists, residing in Bali for almost 25 years. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum in New York, the Tate Gallery in London and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. His paintings form a unique commentary on the conflicting utopian-dystopian narratives that define contemporary culture.   

    Erizal As (Indonesia) is a rising Indonesian artist, whose first solo exhibition in Singapore has catapulted the painter into the spotlight, drawing the attention of regional and international collectors. His ‘Faceless’ series seeks to capture the disparity between proclaimed and perceived identities of political or ideological authorities.

    Kumari Nahappan (Singapore) has forged a reputation for effectively reconciling the language of “international contemporary art” with her own vocabulary and developing a visual identity that is decisively shaped by her cultural roots and beliefs.  

    Li Jin (China) is one of China’s foremost contemporary artists, known for his lighthearted approach to the otherwise stoic field of Chinese ink painting. The characters that appear in his paintings are drawn from his daily life, and his travels through China and Bali, Indonesia.

    Mangu Putra (Indonesia) recently completed a residency in Jeju, South Korea, which inspired the latest painting in his Wilderness series. Representations of natural phenomena, along with the inner pulse of life, form the main stream of his search.

    Ng Joon Kiat (Singapore) is one of Singapore’s most recognized abstract painters, receiving the accolade of being invited to participate in the 2014 Busan Biennale. His latest work delves further into a textural study of land and cityscapes, allowing the viewer a topographical view of the multidimensional layering of natural and man-made systems.

    Rudi Mantofani (Indonesia) is one of Indonesia’s most acclaimed artists, whose works have been exhibited internationally. His paintings constantly challenge the genre through daring visual techniques, and he consistently impresses audiences at art fairs and exhibitions.

    Sabri Idrus (Malaysia) creates visually arresting abstract paintings that stand as physical statements on the intangible elements of time, space, energy and endurance.  His recent show in New York was very well received

    Suzann Victor (Singapore) is a pioneering figure in Singaporean art history. Suzann is renowned for her kinetic sculptures and has exhibited in numerous important art events such as the 49th Venice Biennale and at the Singapore National Museum. She will present a unique sculpture made of crushed glass, which was produced in Yogya Art Lab.

    Wei Ligang (China) is one of the masters of modern Chinese calligraphy. Ligang paints ink renderings of Chinese characters that morph into seemingly animate abstractions.

    Yunizar (Indonesia) enchants crowds in art fairs and exhibitions internationally, using a combination of primitive markings and elementary forms to create a universal visual language in his art, which encompasses paintings and sculptures of various sizes. He will debut new paintings in addition to a fantastic new sculpture named ‘Fisherman’, freshly produced at Yogya Art Lab.

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