Oggz’s occupies both the streets and art spaces of Yogyakarta alike. His artworks further widen the middle section of the venn diagram between Yogyakarta street art and fine art scene; a road previously paved by artists such as the collective Gegerboyo and their respective members, Anagard, Taring Padi, and others.

Tag Oggz Around You
2021, Spray Paint on Canvas
300 x 200 cm

Slightly different from a full-blown mural or graffiti, ‘Tagging’ is a way for street artists to affix their signature, pseudonym, or logo on a public surface. This act could be interpreted as an attempt to prolong the artist’s existence and subversive gesture through unique mark-making. However, in Oggz’s work, his gesture and existence is always in a state of becoming, as not only he leaves his ‘tag’ but also a depiction of his figure in-action creating the tag. 

The title Tag Oggz Around You reflects the unpretentious intention behind the creation of this work. Oggz feels that there are already so many experts and so many people competing for said position in various fields existing in this world. He has previously attempted to join in the competition by trying to impose external concepts or an air of polishedness into this act of tagging, yet all of it feels forced and dishonest. Eventually he realizes that his art-making process is just a genuine act of mark-making. A prolongation of his existence in the art space or public space that he visited.

(b. 1992, Jombang, Indonesia)

Oggz graduated from the Fine Arts Department, Painting Study Program at the Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta. In 2016, his practice started to focus on street art. He is currently interested in how his artworks can respond to the spaces they inhabit, whether public or private.

Oggz was the finalist of the young artists’ award, UOB Painting Of The Year 39th, 2020. In 2021 his works were featured in the annual art event ArtJog MMXXI at the Jogja National Museum. He also participated in various group exhibitions, including the Warta exhibition at Jogja Gallery, 2021, /RE/NEO at Helutrans @artspace, 2020, YAA (Yogya Annual Art) #3 at Sangkring Art Space, 2018.