July 6, 2022 – August 6, 2022

    Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta

    Offbeat gathers young and upcoming contemporary Indonesian artists through their histories of forging alternatives outside of the traditional paths and methods expected from them. Bringing to light each artist’s unconventional route, the show reveals how rather than impeding their art, their unique backgrounds and approaches in fact enrich and complexify them—birthing idiosyncratic artistic forms that meld a plethora of influences.

    Some of the participating artists were not traditionally trained as artists, or draw inspiration from backgrounds outside fine arts which, whether implicitly or explicitly, arguably spill over into their art. While others were trained as artists, their practices venture beyond what they were conventionally taught or the artistic traditions with which they engage. The show captures the experimental nature of young artists in Indonesia, while also revealing not necessarily a penchant for defiance, but a constant engagement and renegotiation with tradition.

    Offbeat opens alongside Jogja Art Week on Wednesday, 6 July and runs to Saturday, 6 August 2022. If you would like an early artwork preview of the show, do reach out here!

    Performance Art Events
    Wednesday, 6 July 2022 | 6:30 – 8 PM
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    Coinciding with the show’s opening are performance art pieces by Indonesian artists and groups that further capture the vibrant, offbeat spirit that has come to characterize many contemporary art scenes across Southeast Asia, brimming with alternative art spaces. These will begin at 6:30pm and carry on throughout the evening.

    the Freak Show are a performance plural who explore societal issues, often in costume, whilst inhabiting the role of the ‘odd and peculiar’. Their performance Seekor Ayam presents a visual paradox, where a chicken visits an art exhibition while enjoying a special breakfast.

    P(art)Y LAB is an art unit which aims to connect people through collaboration and experiences. They will present a piece titled Chill-Look-Baa, to elevate the mundane into something intriguing and joy-inducing. 

    Frank the Stone is an anthrophomorphized volcanic stone created by artist Marten Bayuaji. A subject of absurdity, Frank performs Fly Me to the Moon, a futile attempt which acts as both art installation and durational performance. 

    Yogya Art Lab Open House
    Thursday, 7 July – Sunday, 10 July 2022 | 11 – 5 PM
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    Explore the foundry and gallery at your own pace! Visit anytime during our opening hours from 7 – 10 July, for the chance to chat with the team and catch a glimpse into the fabrication and production of the foundry’s upcoming projects.

    Yogya Art Lab – Tour with Foundry Director
    Thursday, 7 July |  4 – 5 PM
    Friday, 8 July | 4 – 5 PM
    The tour will be conducted in English.
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    Founded in 2012, Yogya Art Lab (YAL) provides a platform for international artists to work alongside expert craftsmen as they experiment with unconventional mediums. Whilst YAL today is a vibrant foundry specializing in bronze works, the team constantly evolves based on the needs of each artist, working with materials ranging from paper and aluminium to ceramics, cement and glass.

    Go behind-the-scenes at YAL with Foundry Director, James Page, and take a peek at the process that goes into creating incredible three-dimensional artworks developed for display on the global stage.

    Offbeat Curator Walkthrough
    Thursday, 7 July | 5 – 6 PM
    Friday, 8 July | 5 – 6 PM
    The curator tour will be conducted in both Bahasa and English.
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    Join Offbeat’s curator Liza Markus for a tour of the exhibition! Offbeat encapsulates the spirit of emerging artists, bringing fresh voices to the forefront during a significant time. Gain insight into the myriad of subjects that inspire each artist’s practice, and explore in-depth their forays into unconventional mediums and the creative possibilities found in traditional techniques.

    Artist Talk
    Friday, 15 July 2022 | 4 – 5 PM (WIB) / 5 – 6 PM (SGT)
    Online via Zoom
    The talk will be conducted in Bahasa.
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    Join the Offbeat artists in a panel discussion, moderated by the show’s curator, Liza Markus. Hear about their process and preferred mediums, concepts and journey in art through a hosted online event. Discover how each artist has found and pursued an alternative outside of traditional paths and methods, and how this spills over into their art.

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