Landscape & Life: An Acquainted Progression


    September 20, 2013 – October 6, 2013

    Gajah Gallery


    Gajah Gallery is proud to present its latest collaboration with I Made Djirna by bringing his recent series of works, along with several iconic pieces from his previous series to Singapore. This exhibition aims to highlight the career evolution of one of Indonesia’s most versatile artist; a personality evident from the range of different works executed in a wide-ranging style and technique. Regardless of the different style I Made Djirna decided to experiment with, he never fails to transfer his energy into every single one of his works; hence eternalizing the aesthetic inspirational moments perfectly and consistently capturing them on his canvas.

    Never failing to reflect the Balinese heritage where he came from, I Made Djirna always takes into account his critical discourse on socio-political issues into his work.  The most recent series ‘The Logic of Rituals’ for instance, acted as an embodiment of his critique towards the changing reality of ritual practices in contemporary Balinese culture. These series of works, which involve the manipulation of a mixed range of materials such as fake Chinese coins on canvas mainly draws the focus on this critique. Though it may seem to prove otherwise, Djirna’s works always show the essence of his solid artistic identity in the portrayal of spirits and mystical experiences throughout the extent of his career. His works from the 2002 solo exhibition ‘Taksu’ at Gajah Gallery Singapore as well as his 2012 exhibition ‘Ubud 1963 (Re) reading The Growth of Made Djirna’ at the National Gallery in Jakarta both reflected the dynamics of mythical spirits though each translated in its distinct ways on the canvas; with one involving the use of a darker, more free spirited brush stroke and the other portraying more use of color in a narrative setting.

    Through his artworks, I Made Djirna invites us to let go and enter a different world of Balinese spirit and dynamic forces while at the same time looking at it through his spectacle. The range of diverse works selected for this exhibition also aims to take us around the process of visual deconstruction of his subject matter which then develops to the obvious point where one realizes the artist’s endeavors to free himself from the existing conventional artistic discipline.

    Born in 1957 in Kedawatan, Bali; I Made Djirna started his artistic career when he entered the prestigious faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) in Yogyakarta. Now a prominent figure in the Balinese and Indonesian contemporary art scene, I Made Djirna has exhibited both solo and in groups in various galleries across Australia, Switzerland, Singapore and Indonesia. Further, his works have become a part of the permanent collection in the Singapore Art Museum.

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