Inner Essense


    June 8, 2001 – June 22, 2001

    Gajah Gallery

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    Regarded as one of Indonesia’s more established artists, the work of Pupuk  Daru  Purnomo needs little introduction. Born in 1964, Pupuk graduated at  the  Indonesia  Institute  of  Arts in 1994. He has since established  a strong following of collectors from  the  region. Indeed, the  artists’ recent successful  debut with  the auction houses underlines  his growing maturity and  influence.

    Supporters   love   his  work   for  their  simple  and strong  depiction of  people and  places from  his hometown and   its  lesser-known  areas. Pupuk spent   much  of   his  early   days   as  a  student exploring Yogyakarta and its surrounding countryside. The numerous  photographs stocked in the artist’s studio are testament to his desire to study and  extract the essence of his subjects.

    Part of Pupuk’s ‘Temple’ series is “Red Borobudur”2001. The painting depicts a panoramic view that encompasses  the   majestic  structure  of Borobudur.  The artist manages to include just sufficient  detail of its relief, and  the result is a perspective that  has  depth while  not  forsaking the brilliant craftsmanship of his predecessors. This skill is  particular to  Pupuk’s genre  and  is  his strength.  With his ‘Womanhood’ series, Pupuk’s female figures are often  depicted in an icon-like manner,   bordering  on  statuesque  impressions. The artist infuses these  portraitures with  rhythmic strokes and  curvilinear forms that create a feeling of energetic exuberance.

    Gajah Gallery has worked with  Pupuk  for several years, and  now honours the artist with this exhibition. Inner Esssence marks an important development for the  artist as he reaches out  to an  international audience. With  his ever­ manifesting talent  and  well-earned  respect, Pupuk’s artistic career looks promising indeed.

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