If Time Stopped: Group Exhibition


    August 17, 2016 – September 11, 2016

    Yogyakarta Art Lab


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    Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta is delighted to present If Time Stopped; a group exhibition showcasing some of Indonesian contemporary art’s most promising talent.  Featuring Afdhal, Riri Suheri, Dery Pratama, Taufik Ermas, Erizal As, Risman Marah and Loli Rusman, If Time Stopped links these brilliant artists with a common thread: the inescapable ephemerality of time within the realm of art – from the artist’s process to the viewer’s experience. These works betray a sense of impermanence deftly captured by the artists in various manifestations, forming the beating heart of this exhibition. Renowned art critic Aminuddin TH Siregar has written an essay to frame the artwork on display, which will be released on the opening night in a published catalog.


    Afdhal experiments with non-traditional combinations of materials – sponge and paint. He creates figurative sculptures without faces postured as if deep in thought. Affected by many conflicts of life, Afdhal’s artworks are acutely self-aware and beckoning, fixated with the inherent qualities of living.

    Riri Suheri’s inspiring work gave the exhibition its name. An emerging contemporary artist, Suheri’s graphic artwork, riddled with digital text and numbers, exudes an expressivity unique to his practice. The young artist’s works also speak to his acute sensitivity to colour.

    Dery Pratama transforms everyday objects, playing with composition, space and colour to create aesthetically pleasing yet thought-provoking works. His Deboss triptych reinvigorates car-plates with repoussé alphanumeric codes, bringing life to the mundane and discarded.

    Taufik Ermas’ haunting works explore the human body in its different forms. Dividing his practice between sculpture and painting, Ermas’ paintings showcase his penchant for subtlety, adding another dimension to his ever-expanding oeuvre.

    Erizal As paints portraits of faceless figures, adopting aggressive brushstrokes that underscore emotion and expressiveness. Chaotic yet evocative, Erizal’s portraiture marks a progression from his earlier works; an artist growing and evolving with each exhibition.

    Risman Marah’s black and white photography combines poetry with dramatism. The skilled photographer eliminates extensive use of colour to focus on the mood and atmosphere conveyed through his photographs, cajoling the viewer into another world.
    Loli Rusman is a rising artist whose dynamic abstract expressionist works elicit both a sense of excitement and serenity. The marriage of explosive and pensive strokes on each canvas characterizes her practice; a distinguishing feature of the native artist’s work.

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