Formless Existence – Catalogue Launch


    September 26, 2019 – October 13, 2019

    Gajah Gallery


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    Gajah Gallery proudly presents the catalogue launch for Formless Existence, the hit solo exhibition by Erizal As, recently held at Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta. A landmark exhibition documenting his departure from his earlier discourses on identity and the essence of humanity, the show documented the result of Erizal’s artistic introspection, seeing him turn the spotlight onto his recent explorations into extinction, corruption, and the loss of identity.

    Formless Existence poses a shift in the artist’s perspective, a change of heart spurred by the onslaught of corruption and greed deep seeded in those in power and illuminated by media interjection. This devaluation of former moral principles gives life to the emergence of a formless existence experienced by Erizal which drives his recent artistic curiosity. However, rather than a manifestation of the pursuit of this elusive idea, Erizal instead focuses on the subtle changing language of the abstract and how this art movement can be applied to the concept of formless existence.

    Through his scrutiny, Formless Existence was built to portray the defiance of paint when seen through the lens of visual aesthetics. Lending a larger meaning to paint as merely a medium, the works act as a metaphorical manifestation of Erizal’s personal views about the amoral and contradictory governance that imposes upon us all.

    This subsequent catalogue launch will feature several works from the aforementioned exhibition, as well as new works by the artist that delve deeper into his fascination with the medium as the subject of artworks. A novel concept to Erizal, these works play into his desire to pursue the truly abstract.

    The launch will be accompanied by essays by art historians Tessa Maria Guazon and Katherine Bruhn, who will shed some light upon the intricacies of Erizal’s practice and the significance of his newer artistic conceptualisations.


    One of the fastest emerging artists in Indonesian contemporary art, Erizal As has continuously proven himself to be exemplary in the fields of portraiture and the abstract. His unique style, best described as a balanced blend of chaos and rhythmic dynamism, is inspired by a musical conductor in an orchestra. Drawn to the inherent charisma of the role and the overt influence of the maestro’s presence, he developed a fascination with the concept of ‘leader’ and the frequently revealed disparity between their proclaimed and demonstrated personas. Erizal offers insight by way of studying the symbolic function of traditional portraits as a reflection of identity and character.

    Trained at the Indonesian Institute of Fine Art, Erizal’s past exhibitions include Refiguring Portraiture at Gajah Gallery Singapore, Bakaba #5 at Sakato Art Community, If Time Stopped, a group exhibition at Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta, Reborn Every Time at Sangkring Art Space, and Indonesian Contemporary Art Exhibition in Beijing.

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