Art Fair

Art Jakarta 2018


    August 2, 2018 – August 5, 2018

    The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place

    For the 10th year anniversary of Art Jakarta, Gajah Gallery unveils fresh new pieces by distinguished Indonesia-based artists, Yunizar, Ashley Bickerton, and Erizal As, amidst the works of eight other renowned and rising artists from Southeast Asia.

    For over two decades, Gajah Gallery has been steadfast in championing regional art. The Gallery remains active in joining international art fairs and major art surveys, inviting reputable art historians and academics working in the region to curate groundbreaking shows, and producing high quality, in-depth publications per exhibition featuring both established and emerging artists.

    While valuing continuity, the Gallery vigorously supports the artistic evolution and innovation of its artists. For this year’s exhibit at Art Jakarta, Ashley Bickerton debuts new works that continue to engage with the his social environment in Bali; tackling exoticism and hedonism in his hyperrealist paintings mixed with found, bric-a-brac objects. Yunizar reveals a new “Coretan” piece, wherein his iconic naïveté aesthetic is stripped of color such that viewers can focus on the motion of each distinct mark, scribble, and scrawl. Erizal As exposes his new explorations with abstraction, in which his paintings exude sublime visual melodies with their bold, lyrical strokes and palettes of vivacious colour distinct from his preceding works.

    The new works of Yunizar, Bickerton, and As take on layered meanings as they converse with the past works of acclaimed artists from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, engaging with the diverse concerns of the region. Audiences will enter an entrancing display of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media pieces produced by dynamic and sought-after artists working in Southeast Asia.

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