Rembang Petang (Afternoon’s Zenith)
Clay on Canvas, 120 x 240 cm

Based in Yogyakarta, Dini Nur Aghnia looks to nature as her main source of creativity, retrieving nature scenes that have nourished her through her memory.

Her artistic practice moves her to intensely observe the daily glories in her surrounding environment in Yogyakarta – from rugged mountains to sprawling fields, which eternally change depending on the time of day. Yet, Dini expresses the natural environment she sees everyday in a fresh, evocative way, forming textured, vividly colored landscapes comprised of myriad small disks made out of clay.

Down the Road
Clay on Canvas, 63.5 x 120 cm

She uses her medium to portray how each captured moment, from dawn to dusk, exists in her memory. Veering away from painting a complete, fixed image, Dini’s landscapes encourage one to become fully immersed in the subtleties of the present, knowing that the wonders of every moment can never be truly recreated.

Using the unorthodox clay medium to create vividly colored disks that fill her canvases, she offers a fresh and contemporary way to express romantic landscapes.