The Fountain of Lamneth


    April 21, 2012 – May 25, 2012

    Gajah Gallery

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    Gajah Gallery (Singapore) presents The Fountain of Lamneth an art exhibition curated by Aminudin Siregar and features young artist from Bandung, Indonesia Andry Mochamad, Bagus A. Pandega, Dita Gambiro, Prilla Tania, Syagini Ratnawulan and Henrycus Napitsunargo.

    An art project that explores experimental methods in expressing and showcasing art, this show also allows artist to freely interpret the themes, lyrics and architectural form of the song -The Fountain of Lamneth (by rock music group Rush, album Caress of Steel 1975). This epic song, often interpreted as a journey of a person from his childhood right up to his death accompanied by various obstacles along the way.

    In this art project, the themes of The Fountain of Lamneth are borrowed as analogies to observe but a small inclination in Contemporary Indonesian art practice that leads to the excavation of ethereal ideas such as darkness, absurdity, mysticism, immortality, illusionary truth, the conscious mind a separate self and so forth.

    The artists involved in this project have long shown mature conceptions (although young in age) in their works and how they relate to the song. Each artist elaborates on a section from the main song: