July 22, 2023 – August 6, 2023

    Gajah Gallery


    Gajah Gallery Singapore is delighted to present Salutogenesis, Kayleigh Goh’s third solo exhibition that explores the profound connection between art, healing, and the human experience. Inspired by the concept of salutogenesis, an approach first introduced by the sociologist Aaron Antonovsky, this exhibition delves into the therapeutic potential of art and its ability to foster a sense of coherence and well-being.

    For centuries, art and health have been intertwined, and recent years have witnessed the phrase “art and healing” gaining prominence. The idea that art has the ability to heal has inspired art exhibitions, workshops, and initiatives, particularly in the realm of mental health and wellness. As we navigate the depths of this exhibition, we are invited to contemplate the therapeutic aspects of art – a tool for promoting introspection, reflection, and solace.

    Kayleigh Goh’s paintings have been known to focus on formal qualities. She composes her paintings with a motivation to adopt the formal qualities of wood and cement, and has been doing so ever since she began her journey as an artist. Cement and wood are materials we often associate with those used for buildings and physical spaces. It is thus no surprise to find that architecture is a significant source of inspiration for Kayleigh’s paintings, particularly Japanese architecture. With a combination of lines and texture, she masterfully composes these elements to construct the painterly spaces she is known for today. Her third solo show ultimately probes the question: what kind of healing powers do these painterly spaces have? Through her latest array of paintings, Kayleigh Goh introduces a new level of comfort in her use of warm tones, glossy textures, and an expanded, yet subtle colour palette. Infusing her signature interplay between positive and negative space, the paintings continue to encourage introspection, inviting visitors to dwell in the artist’s serene yet dynamic compositions. As we explore the works in Salutogenesis, let us consider the transformative potential of art and its capacity to guide us in maintaining a state of good health, fostering a profound sense of well-being, resilience, and inner harmony.



    Acrylic, Cement, and Gesso on Wood, 120 x 240 cm (Framed: 124 x 244 x 3.5 cm)

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