Knowing Incompleteness


    August 5, 2017 – August 31, 2017

    Gajah Gallery Yogyakarta


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    The themes explored in this exhibition depart from the observation of and dialog with the participating artists. The dialogues and conclusion manifested, eventually became the groundwork for this exhibition. Knowing Incompleteness can be understood literally or philosophically. From a philosophical perspective, the theme represents the ever-present yet enigmatic gap which exists between the work and its reality – this enigma in itself is interesting enough to explore, observe and experience.

    “Incompleteness” stresses a conviction within a reality of the postmodern paradigm: never whole, or finished, but rather always the opposite: unfinished, absent, fragmented, inadequate, spars – in the way that a piece of art reminds you of an ongoing process. The works of these artists show a common tendency towards the mysterious state of the incomplete within the discourse of the object, subject and space.

    Through the works presented in this exhibition, we can see and feel the extent of how this incompleteness is transcended and explored by these artists through their ideas and the direction of which their artistic practice is headed. Though in the philosophical realm “incompleteness” may identify with impossibility and positivity, the physicality of the works visualizes the impossibility of reality attempting to fulfill itself: the enigmatic gap is always present; an empty space to be filled with its interaction with the audience, appreciator and their relations to each other within the conceptual premise of the works. In the midst of an ever-fragmented culture, the works reveal the incomplete fragments of reality. Art becomes the reality itself; it becomes the bridge connecting reality and the enigma that surrounds it.

    Agung Santosa
    Fika Ria Santika
    Gusmen Heriadi
    Iabadiou Piko
    Nofria Doni Fitri
    Ridho Rizki

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