Ethereal Charm


    October 10, 2003 – October 26, 2003

    Gajah Gallery

    Gajah Gallery is pleased to announce one of Southeast Asia’s most important and respected artists today, as well as one of the few contemporary Vietnamese artists with works represented at major international sales- Ho Huu Thu.

    I realise that ideologies and prejudice have thrown this world into chaos and imprisoned our hearts. I have removed this from my art and created a world void of prejudice. – Ho Huu Thu

    Thu’s artwork incorporates themes of impressionism and Buddhist spirituality. Light is brilliantly used to create layers and fine tones that entice us to look closer at the composition. Wherein is a magical paradise of calm and innocence, filled with mothers, ethereal beauties, and pilgrimage-going maidens.

    His canvases have a translucent quality that gives off an aura of spiritual formlessness and carries the viewer to a meditative state.