Fortress of the Heart


    July 5, 2001 – July 19, 2001

    Gajah Gallery

    Gajah Gallery is proud to bring to our audience; Henri Dono – Indonesia’s most renowned avant-garde, installation and performance artist. Following the success of his first solo-exhibition at Gajah Gallery in 1999 after exhibiting in Southeast Asia, this three-week long exhibition features a challenging genre that is most thought-provoking.

    The opus of Heri’s work consists of distorted human and animal figures of the Indonesian wayang created in bold lines and colures. The influence of wayang puppets reveals he vital significance of traditional art in underpinning contemporary practices. Using these issues of political and social concerns with his own satirical humour.

    Heri Dono’s works can be found in private and public collections in Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Europe, and USA. He has also astounded audiences worldwide with exhibitions and performances in Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Africa, Brazil, India, Australia, Europe, Canada and USA.