Ethereal Charm


    November 29, 2001 – December 15, 2001

    Gajah Gallery

    Gajah Gallery is proud to present popular Vietnamese artist, Dinh Quan. “Building from sratch” would best describe Dinh Quan’s career as he establishes himself as one of Hanoi’s most promising artist, without educational and financial support. He is hailed by his fellowmen as having perfected the art of lacquer painting, a traditional Vietnamese art form. The only thing he had in favour was his extreme sensitivity to life all around him, to art and to his previous life as a nobleman.

    On the lacquer surface, Dinh Quan creates beautiful, sensuous shades of colour similar to abstract art. Some figures may be placed on, as prominently as paper-cut ones or integrated into the surface as in oil painting. Structures are developed diversely, multi-directionally, but also coherently. Details are given meticulous attention and are intimately attached to the painter’s intention and sentiments. A gentleness and peacefulness if now visible, hidden and then dissolved into the glamour of the beautiful lacquer surface. Dinh Quan pursues a very fine surface overfilled with concealed and complex feelings.

    His works are now in the collection of Singapore Art Museum and many private collections all over the world.