Bleeding in the Sun


    August 27, 1998 – September 27, 1998

    Gajah Gallery

    Gajah Gallery is pleased to announce Indian artist Gobardhan Ash’s exhibition at Gajah Gallery: Bleeding in the Sun.

    One of India’s greatest artists, Gobardhan Ash is  recognised as a pioneer of modern Indian art, and his contribution at the time when India first experienced Western modernism has been extremely significant. Ash adopted a unique approach, preferring to represent farmers working in fields and workers engaged in hard labor to make a living—at a time when it was customary to paint divinities and exotic feminine figures on their way to the temple.

    Ash dedicated his life to the arts, working in gouache, pastel, and watercolor until his passing in 1996. Indian director Nabyendu Chatterjee created a movie about Gobardhan Ash as a tribute to the revered master artist in his senior years. It was finished the same year Ash passed away and is titled “Bleeding in the Sun”.