Nurify (b. 1986, Indonesia)

Nurify is a crafter and farmer living and practicing in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A self-taught painter, Nurify’s art-making process often takes form in naive, emotional, imaginative, and expressionistic style. She prefers her idea to be communicated without saying too much or being too blunt, often circling around an issue without going directly to the core.

Her works often discuss the theme of ‘imperfect alchemy/alchemist’ traumas, realistic magic, and metaphysical feeling.

She has recently participated in several group show such as, “End Toxic Masculinity” Ruang Gulma Yogyakarta Indonesia, “New Happiness “ Eruna Gallery Grand Artos Magelang Indonesia, and had her solo exhibition at “Beak Beak Word” TEMBI Rumah Budaya Jakarta Yogyakarta. She has also participated in several artist residency programme such as Insidezone Borsec Romania in 2015, and Rumah Budaya TEMBI Artist Program #4 Yogyakarta Indonesia in 2010.