As the title suggests, this painting was perhaps Murni’s recollection of her visit to Menjangan Island, a small island north-west of Bali where Murni resided after divorcing her first husband. It is possible to trace both the influences and deviations of Murni’s art from the Pengosekan school of Bali, an artistic style that Murni was first introduced to by a Balinese artist named I Dewa Putu Mokoh.

Similar to the Pengsoekan style, Murni uses flat perspectives and thick dark outlines. Her subject matter is also similar to the usual Pengosekan subjects, which were usually images of local flora and fauna. However, while the Pengsoekan school tended towards a heavier use of realism, Murni emerged with her own distinctive adaptation by employing brighter colours and by simplifying her paintings to focus her subject against a plain background rather than the crowded ones of the Pengosekan school.