In a divergence from her existing oeuvre, Lee began collaborating with YAL in 2019 to create wall-based sculptural works from modelling clay, cement, and later, stainless steel. Challenging the boundaries between painting and sculpture, Lee’s works created at YAL assume the physicality of sculpture while maintaining the illusory depth of the painted image.

一瞥喜悅 A Glimpse of Delight by Jane Lee continues the artist’s themes of transparency, reflection and distortion. It is part of a series of works that feature assemblages of multi-sized circles made of mirror finished steel—inviting viewers to train their eyes on a disorienting subject: themselves.

Yet, along with audiences’ reflections, this work reveals glimpses of a new landscape confronting viewers: that of a forest. Lee defines ‘delight’ as the ‘essence of God’s ground’ – whether that be in the form of a heavenly, peaceful land or a more intangible state, like happiness and inner beauty. Moving around and immersing themselves in the piece, viewers are invited to meditate on how they are a part of, rather than separate, from this enchanting land.