Artist Bio

    (b. 1982, West Java, Indonesia)

    A photograph is not merely evidence of the past or a slice of a passing moment, it is performative and still performs to distort actual reality today. The ethnographic portrait distorts relations between people from different socio-cultural backgrounds as well as the reality of the self, just like the mechanisms of power.”
    Octora’s art evolves from her on-going fascination the unstable ground between image, official history and collective memory in Indonesia. Her multidisciplinary approach possibly stemmed from her earlier experience in combining her Fine Arts degree with Bachelor of Law, where she eventually decides to pursue her focus in visual arts. She has exhibited quite extensively in Indonesia and overseas, including joining artist residencies in Cemeti Art House (2009), Bamboo Curtain Studio (2010), and at ZKU (Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin 2014). She recently completed her MA at Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University, Australia.

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