Art Fair

Art Hong Kong 2012


    May 17, 2012 – May 20, 2012

    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
    Hong Kong SAR China

    Nyoman Masriadi, a leading Indonesian artist of the post-Suharto era will present a solo showcase with Gajah Gallery at this year’s Art Hong Kong– ASIA ONE. A rare solo presentation by Nyoman Masriadi who is known to avoid publicity and exhibitions, the exhibit will include four works spanning over a 3 year period of the artist’s career. This would be the artist’s third solo exhibition. The exhibit at the  ASIA ONE  includes notable works such as Sangat Tidak Lutcu (Very Not Funny) and Masriadi Presents-Attack From Website. These works are witty comments on the art world and the art making process.

    Nyoman Masriadi has showcased internationally namely in New York, Miami, India, China, France and Singapore. He has had 2 well received solo shows in 2011 and 2008 in New York and Singapore respectively. Painstakingly detailed in execution and finish mark the consistent high quality and have led him to receive positive reception from the art collecting world at large. The appreciation of his distinct style of black scribbling, masculine qualities of the figure and game-like illustrations are a testimony to his forte and talent as a painter as well as a barometer of the ascendency of Southeast Asian contemporary art.