Sel started painting out of curiosity, fueled by her desire to create chaotic, uncalculated lines and shapes—exactly the imperfection she had been avoiding for years when she was studying and working as an architect.

To Sel, her paintings are a declaration of her weaknesses and mistakes. When painting, she tries to be honest and challenges herself to push her limit. She shares: “Everywhere I see in every piece, I’ve done something wrong, and that is how I know I’ve done something right. The only mistake is to not make any.” 

With this attitude, Sel accidentally found her own painting technique, which she calls the “fingerprint” technique. This technique requires a specific canvas that creates this unique “print” of blotches, affected by the passing of time. The “print” is an infallible means of personal identification, because the arrangement of blotches in every one of her works is different and unpredictable, even to her. It is a process of trusting the material and honoring time.

This painting is a personal reflection of Sel at the time she made it. She spontaneously played with composition, allowing the painting to reveal itself. The result is a field of colors with different levels of opacity, with no two spots the same. Intentionally untitled, the painting encourages viewers to freely create their own stories. Amidst the color, one is invited to see the painting as a reflection of oneself.