Known for her confronting, visually arresting installation works that explore issues surrounding colonial history, belief, to gender, Suzann Victor has recently returned to her roots in oil painting, having begun her career as an abstract painter in the late 1980s.

Skywater features a large, vividly textured composition painted in rich and varied shades of blue. The top half of the painting contains a smooth surface and is dominated by deep, dark blue tones, while the bottom half contains layers upon layers of thick, impasto strokes in light blue and white paint. The subtle gradation of colours and textures create the illusion of a still, soothing body of water reflecting light, or a dark sky interrupted by faint, shapeless clouds.

The painting orchestrates an ongoing tension between chaos and calm, inviting audiences not necessarily to a concrete place, but a state. Through her mastery of gesture, texture and colour, Victor creates abstractions that viscerally access our complex, contradictory, and often daunting and unpredictable interior landscapes.