In recent years, the aesthetic trends of Indonesian art have gravitated towards realist painting techniques. Yunizar however, has stayed on his own aesthetic path and is guided instead by his own heart and intuition, separating him from his other artistic peers in Indonesia. His paintings have reached an extreme level that deliberately forgoes the expectations of what ‘good’ art should look like, something that would have been expected from him as a graduate from an art academy.

In Yunizar’s words, ““I want to paint with the worst possible artistic skills. When a lot of painters compete to make their paintings look good and show remarkable techniques, I, on the other hand, want my paintings to look bad.” Indeed, his paintings evoke impressions of psychedelia, naivete, raw primitiveness, and the un-institutional. Yet perhaps this is precisely how Yunizar wins us over, by his choice to not take himself so seriously and by encouraging us to do the same for ourselves.