A nude woman lies on her stomach against a green patterned background, resembling a wallpaper or comforter. With her bare back in plain view, the subject appears vulnerable, particularly as her arms are held up in a helpless, surrender position. The title, translated as “Beware! Don’t let yourself be ambushed”, signals a clear warning, directing audiences towards the presence of danger. On the top right part of the canvas, one spots a glimpse of a creature creeping in. A set of its teeth peak out, instantly triggering a sense of concern for the subject’s fate.

Painted in the artist’s distinct flat colours and childlike style, the work is quintessential Murniasih: juxtaposing a naïve aesthetic with a dark, haunting narrative. Moreover, the subtle insertion of the creature reveals Murniasih’s clever, riveting storytelling despite her spare details. Aware of the possible attack from the creature above, the viewer’s perception of the subject transforms—her position, from helpless and vulnerable, may now be interpreted as an act of survival and agency; an attempt to camouflage with the flat surface and keep herself safe.