Text and Translation:
Sewindu Menunggu Kau Balas Bisu, Rindu Menggebu Kau Anggap Debu
You return eight years of waiting with silence; You regard my fervent longing as nothing

Memang Norak Tapi Ini Reality
It’s tacky but it’s reality

Starting from his previous series in 2019, Rosit has been borrowing the visuals of the Internet’s remix culture, misappropriating Western masterpieces and combining them with floating texts to create a narrative. At first, this aesthetic direction was used to communicate the digital discomforts of being bombarded by information. But in this current series, Rosit’s usage of Western masterpieces is more scathing. His rebellious remixes and intentional misunderstandings of these works become his methods to subvert the Western art canon.

In Anecdoche, Rosit appropriates Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret’s A Young Man and Woman Gaze Out a Window. Here, the misaligned eye contact is appropriated by Rosit to depict an anecdoche happening. Reading between the lines, Rosit gives meaning to the mismatched gazes.

A Young Man and Woman Gaze Out a Window, Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret, 1887, Private Collection