Tan Shao Qi



    Rain Tree


    Porcelain, 45 (d) x 4.5 cm

    Artist Bio

    (b. 2000, Singapore)

    Emerging Singapore-born artist Tan Shao Qi finds endless inspiration in nature and all its quiet, ever-evolving phenomena. Having grown up in in Singapore, where the urban landscape is constantly changing as new infrastructure is tirelessly being built across the city, Tan turns her gaze towards the unseen, overlooked changes in the city’s natural environment. She employs mediums connected to documenting such as paper and photography, evoking how the fragments of flora she captures are poignantly transient, vulnerable to being lost at any moment—and must thus be recorded into permanence. Time is thus a crucial force in her practice: she holds a profound awareness of the inevitable passing of time and its effect on the environment, but at the same time, it is as if she resists its fleetingness by pouring lengthy amounts of time into meticulously capturing every detail in her highly intricate pieces, making visible all the textures, patterns and shapes that give even the smallest and most insignificant parts of nature its inherent beauty.

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